Artist Statement

My current practice is concerned with sharing my observations of the natural world. I want my art to let people know about the depth and breadth of interesting things that are just waiting to be discovered outside if only one takes a moment to stop and observe them. The world beyond ourselves is full of life, and I want people to take part in being aware of that.

As my practice develops, I want create artworks that hopefully speak to my greatest concern: being a good observer. By this I mean someone who is aware of the world around them, and who takes the time to engage and seek communion with the nonhuman world, in order to appreciate its intricate and humbling complexity. Communion, as I see it, is the state we enter when we attune our senses to all that exists beyond us. My work stems from a desire to convey this sense of fellowship with the environment.

The truth of nature is humbling, restorative, emboldening. It reminds us that we are part of a larger system and invites us to bear witness to the constant unfolding of life all around us.With my visual language, I seek to communicate my way of seeing and interpreting the world. I make artworks and installations that not only document the natural world, but also inspire the viewer to approach that same world with fresh eyes.

The act of paying attention allows us to shift focus from the narrowness of the self to a wider vision of being merely a facet of a living, breathing, wildly complex biosphere. By broadening my understanding, critically examining my position, and placing myself within the environment, I hope to ensure that my relationship to my resources is intimate.