te ·me ·nos


temenos refers to a space that is marked off from common use and consecrated to a divinity: a sanctuary, a holy grove, or magic circle.

C.G. Jung refers to the temenos in “Psychology and Alchemy” as the space in which the conscious and unconscious can meet safely.


In this work, I combine aspects of myth and fairy tale with my personal interpretations of the natural world. In order to show others the magic that I find already in nature, it is necessary that I create a space of theatricality in order to highlight the beauty and intricacy of nature – for example, a simple twig must be covered in gold in order for others to see its intrinsic beauty. This play between the real and more-than-real recalls the figures of wisdom present in humanity’s fairy tales; those who play tricks on mortals in order to make the invisible visible and vice versa. Drawing on the power of this mythic figure, particularly those embodiments that were heavily present in my childhood – the witch Baba Yaga and her house deep in the forest of Slavic fairy tales and the oracle or seer of classic Greek myth whose scrying powers made her powerful – I use our predilection to imagine an unreal or supernatural presence in moments of sublime awe to draw attention to the very real beauty and energy of the natural world.

The viewer is invited to traverse the path, go past the wooden fence, and enter the house. Te book found inside synthesizes my photographic observations of nature, drawings, and experiments with natural dyes into a graphic visual language that harks back to tarot decks and alchemical symbols.